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Two Friends Smash Record by Visiting 99 Pubs in 24 Hours, Spent Over ₹ 80,000

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Two pals in Australia, Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton, made headlines by breaking the Guinness World Record for visiting the most pubs in a single night. The duo, both 26 and from Sydney, conquered the previous record of 78 pubs set by Heinrich de Villiers from South Africa.

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Their remarkable feat involved visiting 99 pubs in just 24 hours, spending around ₹ 83,000 for drinks and fun. Their venture aimed not only at securing a world record but also at supporting MS Australia, a charity dedicated to multiple-sclerosis research. They also sought to revive Sydney’s nightlife, which they felt had diminished due to various reasons including legislative changes and the impact of Covid.

Their adventure began at midnight to make the most of the late bar closing times. However, the enthusiastic start took a hiccup when Harry felt the effects of downing so many drinks and had to pause briefly around 2 am.

After a quick recovery and reassessment, they continued their mission on foot due to rules against driving when intoxicated. Despite exhaustion and some setbacks, they persevered with minimal breaks, aiming to spend no more than 14 minutes between pubs.

By early evening, they broke the record but decided to push on, eager to hit 100 pubs. However, a slight mistake in counting made them stop at 99, mistakenly assuming they had reached their 100th pub.

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Their daring attempt not only etched their names in the record books but also highlighted their effort to bring back the liveliness of Sydney’s nightlife.

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