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Survivor’s Testimony: Inside Hamas Tunnels and the Struggle for Freedom

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As the family of Kfir Bibas marked the poignant milestone of “the world’s saddest birthday” for their youngest hostage in Gaza, a recently liberated captive, Agam Goldstein-Almog, shares her harrowing experience of mistreatment by Hamas during her captivity.

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Kfir Bibas, just one year old, spent a significant portion of his young life in the clutches of Hamas, making headlines globally. Meanwhile, Agam Goldstein-Almog, at 17, recounts the terror she endured inside the Hamas tunnels after being kidnapped during the November truce.

Kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz at just nine months old, Bibas was taken alongside his parents and four-year-old brother. The family endured over three months of captivity, with Bibas becoming a symbol of innocent lives held by a terrorist organization.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Agam Goldstein-Almog unveils the tactics used by Hamas to dismantle her identity. Forbidden from crying, she was coerced into reciting Islamic prayers and given a new name, Salsabil.

During her captivity, Agam was constantly shifted between tunnels, kept in abandoned apartments, and even at a school doubling as a rocket launching site. The terrorists warned her not to mourn her father and sister, who was shot dead during the initial attack.

Despite the threats, Agam realized the strategic use of hostages for the terrorists’ safety. She recalled being surrounded by Gazans and Hamas operatives who knew that the presence of hostages shielded them.

“They knew it, too, that because of us they were safe. That’s why they congregated around us in big groups,” she revealed.

Agam, along with her mother and two younger brothers, endured over two months of captivity. The terrorists repeatedly asserted their claim on the country, expressing intentions to pray in Jerusalem and boasting about the strength of Hamas.

At a Tel Aviv event commemorating the 100 days since October 7 and 100 days of captivity for the hostages, Agam addressed the 19 women still held in Gaza, expressing concern for their well-being and urging awareness of their plight.

“Have you eaten enough today? Are you together, or have they separated you? Has he harmed you again? Has he asked you, again, if you’re married, if he could set you up with someone from Gaza? Has he entered your shower again, stripped the pajamas that he gave you, touched the wound from the bullet that he shot, that really hurt you? But his control hurt more,” she passionately conveyed to the attendees.

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This survivor’s testimony sheds light on the brutality of Hamas and the resilience of those who have faced captivity, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for freedom.

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