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Netflix Documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’ Casts Shadow Over King Charles III’s Reign, Unveils Royal Author’s Book

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The reign of King Charles III faced an unexpected challenge with the release of the Netflix docuseries ‘Harry & Meghan’ in December 2022, according to insights from royal author Omid Scobie’s upcoming book, ‘Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival.’

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Scobie’s book reveals that King Charles III felt resentment and bitterness towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as the docuseries stole the spotlight just as he ascended to the throne after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. The King, eager to promote his vision and agenda as the new head of state, reportedly found his efforts overshadowed by the sensational revelations made by the Sussexes in the Netflix documentary.

A source quoted in the book described how the docuseries “took the wind out of everyone’s sails,” leaving King Charles III frustrated in his attempts to garner positive media attention. The book suggests that the King’s initial sadness and anger over his son’s decision to leave the royal family turned into resentment when he felt eclipsed by Harry and Meghan’s media coverage.

Despite the King’s genuine sadness and anger over the situation, Scobie writes that Charles’ sympathy for his son waned as their media attention continued to overshadow his own efforts. The docuseries, in particular, was noted to have “eclipsed” Charles “at every turn,” exacerbating the strain in the relationship between father and son.

The strained relationship between Charles and Harry dates back to the Sussexes’ announcement of their departure from royal duties in 2020 and their subsequent deal with Netflix. Harry’s explosive memoir, “Spare,” further intensified the grievances aired against the royal family.

Interestingly, despite the reported tension, the couple reportedly attempted to reach out to King Charles III earlier this month to wish him a happy 75th birthday. They even sent a video of their children singing “Happy Birthday.”

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Omid Scobie’s revealing book, set to be released on November 28, promises more insights into the intricacies of royal life, shedding light on the challenges faced by the monarchy in the wake of the Sussexes’ revelations.

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