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Nepal Shaken Again: Second Earthquake Strikes, Days After Tragic 6.4 Magnitude Quake, Claimed lives of 157 People

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Nepal has been hit by another earthquake, adding to the devastation caused by a powerful 6.4 magnitude quake that struck just days ago. The recent 5.6 magnitude earthquake has rattled the Himalayan nation, leaving the residents and authorities on edge.

The first earthquake, which occurred on Friday, claimed the lives of 157 people and left dozens injured. It had a magnitude of 6.4, as reported by Nepal’s National Seismological Centre. The German Research Centre for Geosciences initially measured it at 5.7, while the US Geological Survey pegged it at 5.6.

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The recent tremors are a grim reminder of Nepal’s vulnerability to seismic activity, given its location in one of the world’s most active tectonic zones. The nation’s difficult terrain, with villages scattered in remote hills, poses significant challenges for search and rescue operations.

The death count in the Jajarkot region from the first earthquake could rise further, as officials have struggled to establish contact in this hilly area near the epicenter, approximately 500 kilometers west of the capital, Kathmandu. Landslides triggered by the initial quake have blocked access roads, hindering the response efforts.

The impact of these earthquakes on infrastructure has been severe. Thousands of buildings in Jajarkot and the neighboring Rukum West district have either collapsed or developed critical structural damage, rendering them uninhabitable. Witnesses reported hearing the distressing sounds of buildings crumbling soon after the quakes, and local media footage depicted the facades of multi-storied brick houses in ruins, with furniture strewn about.

While this recent seismic activity is a reminder of the challenges Nepal faces, it also highlights the resilience and strength of its people. Nepal is no stranger to earthquakes, and despite the destruction, the nation continues to rebuild and endure.

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This recent earthquake serves as a somber reminder of the devastating 2015 earthquakes in Nepal that claimed around 9,000 lives and caused extensive damage to towns, historic sites, and infrastructure. The economic cost was significant, amounting to $6 billion.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the people of Nepal as they navigate through these challenging times and work towards recovery and rebuilding.

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