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Landmark Truce: 14 Hostages to be Released in Gaza Strip as Part of Israel-Hamas Agreement

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In a significant breakthrough, Israeli authorities have confirmed the impending release of 14 hostages held in the Gaza Strip. This development comes as part of the truce deal reached following the Hamas attacks on October 7.

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The agreement, which mandates exchanges at a ratio of three to one, will see the liberation of a total of 42 prisoners—both male and female.

The prison authorities outlined the terms of the agreement, emphasizing the release of 42 Palestinian prisoners under the specified ratio.

An Israeli official source further corroborated this, indicating that 14 hostages would be handed over to facilitate the peace-building process.

This move is a pivotal step towards fostering a more stable and secure environment, showcasing a commitment to diplomatic resolutions in the region.

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The second day of the truce is set to witness the implementation of this historic agreement, marking a positive turn of events in the ongoing efforts to promote peace between Israel and Hamas.

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