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Israel Revises Casualty Count in Oct 7 Hamas Attack; WHO Expresses Concern Over Gaza Hospital Incidents

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Israel has officially updated the casualty count from the October 7 Hamas attack to 1,200, as confirmed by a spokesperson from the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Initially, Israel had reported at least 1,400 casualties in the unexpected assault carried out by Hamas militants who control the Gaza Strip.

However, in a statement critical of Unesco, Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson Lior Hayat stated that “approximately 1,200 people” lost their lives at the hands of Hamas. Hayat also indicated that this number might change as further identifications are made, as reported by Media.

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Simultaneously, a multitude of Palestinians who had sought refuge in Gaza City’s largest hospital were forced to evacuate towards the southern areas for their safety. This exodus was prompted by a series of reported strikes occurring in and around the hospital compound during the night. Traditionally regarded as safe zones, hospitals have been put under strain due to Israeli claims that Hamas has established its military infrastructure within Gaza City’s hospitals and neighborhoods. Furthermore, Israel alleges that Hamas has positioned its primary command center within and beneath the largest hospital, Shifa.

A spokesperson from the Hamas-administered health ministry in Gaza reported that a minimum of three strikes took place over several hours, targeting the courtyard and the obstetrics department of Shifa Hospital on Friday. The Israeli army indicated that one of these strikes on Shifa resulted from a misfire by militants who were targeting Israeli troops nearby.

The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed profound concern about the reports of airstrikes in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

“We are extremely disturbed by reports of airstrikes in the vicinity of Al-Shifa hospital in #Gaza,” stated WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Numerous health workers, with whom we were in contact, have been compelled to leave the hospital in search of safety. Others have reported their inability to move due to grave insecurity. Many of the thousands taking shelter in the hospital are being forced to evacuate due to security risks, while many still remain within.”

“WHO is deeply worried about the safety of patients, health workers, and those seeking refuge in hospitals. They urgently require protection,” he emphasized, urging both sides to adhere to international humanitarian law.

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The residents who had sought refuge in hospitals now face a challenging decision: remain in the already overcrowded and vulnerable medical facilities or venture out into the perilous streets of Gaza City. This predicament is further complicated by the difficulty in accessing essential supplies, as humanitarian corridors encounter logistical challenges.

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