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Egyptian Comedian Bassem Youssef Challenges Piers Morgan’s Israel-Hamas War Comparison

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A video segment featuring Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef on British TV talk show host Piers Morgan’s program has gained widespread attention on social media.

The interview, which took place in the context of the Israel-Hamas conflict, focused on Youssef’s response to an alleged comparison made by Morgan between Israel and the terrorist group Islamic State, commonly known as ISIS.

During “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” which aired on Monday evening, Morgan discussed the challenges of eradicating Hamas, the group in control of Gaza, without causing significant damage leading to mass casualties among Gaza’s civilian population.

In response, Youssef raised the point that such an approach, aimed at pressuring the Palestinian community in Gaza to turn against Hamas, resembled tactics employed by terrorist organizations. He stated, “Terrorist organizations would have no chance beating a whole nation in battle. So, they terrorize and kill the civilians to spread fear and pressure them (the civilians) to change their government’s policy or resign. You have just compared Israel with ISIS.”

Morgan, however, contested the interpretation that his words equated Israel with ISIS. Youssef humorously predicted that the following day’s headlines would read, “Piers Morgan: Israel is ISIS.”

Youssef also shared an edited clip of the interview on X, prompting Morgan to inquire why the segment was cut off before he clarified that the comparison was intended between Hamas and ISIS.

The comedian, who has Palestinian family members living in Gaza, expressed the challenges they faced due to the ongoing conflict. He noted that communication with them had been lost and emphasized the difficulties faced by Palestinians in Gaza.

He added a touch of humor to his response by stating, “Those Palestinians, they are very dramatic. ‘Ah, Israel is killing us,’ but they never die. I mean, they always come back. They are very difficult to kill, very difficult people to kill. I know because I am married to one. I tried many times, but she uses our kids as human shields.”

Morgan suggested that Youssef’s comments had a hint of dark humor, but Youssef clarified that he genuinely tried to “get” his wife each time, albeit playfully.

Youssef also took aim at US columnist Ben Shapiro’s stance on Israel’s self-defense, questioning how an occupying force could be considered as such.

Shapiro had previously advocated for Israel to annex Gaza and take drastic measures to prevent further conflicts. Youssef countered by asking, “How many more people do we need to kill so that Ben Shapiro is happy?”

The comedian also poked fun at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for their warnings to civilians before bombing targets, characterizing it as “cute.”

He concluded by addressing the loss of innocent lives in the West Bank and questioned the reasoning behind such casualties in an area where Hamas has no presence.

The exchange highlighted the complex and contentious nature of discussions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, featuring spirited debates between individuals with opposing views.

Later, Bassem Youssef shared the video on X with a disclaimer, acknowledging that it was cut off at the end. He expressed his respect for Piers Morgan’s willingness to host diverse viewpoints and engage in heated conversations. Despite their differences, Youssef extended an invitation for an in-studio interview with Morgan in London.

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