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Double Standards in International Criticism: India’s Response to Threat

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India finds itself under international scrutiny, facing criticism for its measured and humane approaches to safeguarding its national interests. Curiously, the Western nations leading these critiques often overlook their own actions in conflict zones worldwide.

  1. Israel’s Response to Hamas Attack: In the wake of a devastating Hamas attack claiming over 1,200 lives and injuring 2,700 Israelis, Israel initiated a comprehensive response, including a blockade of Gaza. This move aimed to retaliate for terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens.
  2. Western Support for Israel: Notably, key Western leaders expressed unwavering support for Israel. US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the French President, and the Italian Prime Minister all voiced their strong backing, issuing a joint statement in solidarity.
  3. Support from Around the Globe: Even countries like Canada and Australia, known for occasional sheltering of individuals involved in activities against India, issued official statements supporting Israel’s right to self-defense. The European Union President also echoed this sentiment, highlighting the unwavering Western support for Israel.
  4. Selective Criticism: However, a striking contrast emerges when one considers how the Western world views India’s responses to similar threats. India has faced deadly attacks from various sources, including terrorist groups, separatists, and insurgencies. Despite India’s complex challenges, Western nations often perceive its actions differently, with rare exceptions.
  5. Inconsistencies and Hypocrisy: The disparity in evaluating India’s measures to safeguard its sovereignty versus similar actions by other nations becomes especially apparent. The lack of scrutiny for Western actions in destabilizing nations, from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya and Syria, points to a double standard.
  6. Accountability Matters: Accountability is a global concern. In pursuit of justice, it is imperative that actions leading to human suffering are addressed and those responsible held accountable. The absence of such accountability contributes to hypocrisy and virtue signaling in the Western world.
  7. A Call for Equality: Western nations often approach wars simplistically: their wars are for peace, while others are against humanity. This highlights the need for Asian and African countries to hold the West accountable politically and culturally for their actions, fostering a fairer and just world.

All wars, irrespective of their location, should be subject to the same level of scrutiny and justice. As George Orwell aptly put it, “All wars are equal, but some wars are more equal than others.” It’s time to challenge the double standards and work towards a world where fairness and equity prevail.

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