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ATACMS Supply to Ukraine: Putin Questions US Decision Amidst Ongoing Conflict

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has strongly refuted claims that Russia is “losing the war” in Ukraine, calling such allegations “ridiculous.” During a press briefing held after his visit to China, President Putin questioned the US decision to supply Kyiv with Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) in a somewhat ironic tone.

President Putin raised the question, “If Russia loses the war, why would [Washington] supply [Kyiv] with ATACMS missiles? Let them take back ATACMS and all other weapons, sit down to pancakes, and come to us for a tea party.” He further emphasized the move as “ridiculous.”

The Russian President criticized the United States for deepening its involvement in the Ukraine conflict by providing Kyiv with long-range ATACMS missiles. He also highlighted Russia’s cooperation with China, driven by “external factors” and “common threats.”

Regarding the US decision to supply ATACMS to Ukraine, President Putin stated that this move extended Ukraine’s suffering, and while it created an additional threat, he believed Russia could repel these attacks.

He emphasized, “But most importantly, it cannot fundamentally change the situation on the line of contact at all…This is another mistake by the United States.”

The article goes on to discuss the background of the ATACMS supply to Ukraine, how it was initially resisted due to fears of potential conflict escalation, and the recent shift in perspective influenced by other Western nations providing similar long-range missiles to Ukraine.

The limited deployment of ATACMS missiles in Ukraine, specifically designed as cluster munitions, has been confirmed. They were used to target air bases in areas under Russian control, causing damage that includes runways, helicopters, an ammunition depot, and military equipment.

However, the article notes that the true impact of the ATACMS system in the ongoing conflict remains uncertain, given that previous Western-supplied weaponry had only provided limited advantages in a protracted conflict.

This report sheds light on the complex dynamics of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the geopolitical implications of the ATACMS supply by the United States.

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