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Al Ahli Arab Hospital Tragedy in Gaza: Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Hospital Blast

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In 1882, the Anglican church established the Al Ahli Arab Hospital, presenting it as “a haven of peace in the middle of one of the world’s most troubled places.” However, this haven turned into a site of tragedy as a blast claimed the lives of hundreds of Palestinians just before U.S. President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, amid escalating conflict between the Israeli military and the Hamas militant group.

The article delves into the circumstances surrounding the hospital bombing, exploring the questions of who was responsible and what transpired before, during, and after the strike.


The Al Ahli Arab Hospital, founded by the Anglican church in 1882, has long been a symbol of hope and healing in the troubled region of Gaza. It offered essential services, including a breast cancer detection program, elderly women’s support, and a mobile clinic for neighboring towns.

The Hospital Under Siege

With the surge of casualties resulting from Israeli airstrikes in response to a Hamas attack on Israel, the hospital was overcrowded and sought to provide sanctuary to those fleeing the conflict.

Events Leading to the Tragedy

This section examines the warnings issued by Israel to residents in Gaza, particularly the Zeitoun neighborhood, urging them to evacuate for their safety.

Details of the Hospital Strike

Details of the tragic event, including eyewitness accounts, the timing of the explosion, and the damage sustained by the hospital and its surroundings, are presented.

Blame Game: Palestinians vs. Israelis

The article dissects the blame game between Israelis and Palestinians. President Biden’s stance, Western countries’ call for an investigation, and Arab states’ accusations against Israel are discussed.

Israeli Perspective

Israel’s denial of responsibility and its claim that the blast was due to a failed rocket launch by Islamic Jihad are presented. The article also covers the evidence and analysis provided by the Israeli Defense Forces.

U.S. Involvement

President Biden’s reaction and his attribution of blame to Palestinian militants are highlighted.

Anglican Church’s Response

The Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Anglican church, Justin Welby, expresses condolences and appeals for the protection of civilians in the ongoing conflict.

Regional Reactions

The article explores the reactions of Arab governments and groups in the region, including protests in various Arab countries and the cancellation of a summit in Jordan due to the incident.

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