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UK Man Sends Playful Rs 74,000 Bill to Wife After 6-Hour Cleaning Spree

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A quirky incident unfolded in the United Kingdom as Marc Hatch, the owner of “Clean Me Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning,” pulled a playful prank on his wife, Jasmine.

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After dedicating six hours to cleaning their house, Hatch humorously sent his wife an invoice amounting to 700 pounds (approximately Rs 73,955), stirring laughter among netizens.

The lighthearted jest was shared on the company’s Facebook page, recounting the amusing exchange between the couple. Hatch, with his own cleaning business, playfully thanked his wife for her “business” in the invoice message, adding a touch of professional flair to the comical situation.

The Facebook post narrated the incident, highlighting the humor in Jasmine’s response, “Get a grip, we’re married with three kids.” The post garnered a flood of user comments, with many expressing amusement at the clever prank.

In a statement, Hatch revealed that it took him half a day to complete the extensive cleaning task and clarified that such jokes were common in their household. “We have an ongoing joke about things that we should get paid for,” he added, emphasizing the light-hearted nature of their banter.

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This delightful episode showcases the humorous dynamics within the couple’s relationship and offers a refreshing perspective on the everyday humor found in domestic life.

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