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Shefali Bagga’s Tricky Brain Teaser: Can You Determine Today’s Day Without Pen and Paper?

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Shefali Bagga, the popular actor and anchor, has recently shared a captivating brain teaser on her social media platform. In this intriguing challenge, she invites puzzle enthusiasts to decipher the day of the week without the use of pen and paper, solely relying on the hints provided. Are you up for the challenge? Can you crack this day-related brain teaser?

In her Instagram video, Shefali Bagga presents a riddle that requires you to deduce “what day is it today” based on the clever clues she has shared. The question she poses is as follows: “Tomorrow is neither Wednesday nor Thursday. Yesterday was not Friday nor Saturday. Today is not Thursday nor Sunday nor Monday.” Now, can you successfully solve this brain teaser?

Although Shefali Bagga shared this brain teaser on Instagram some time ago, it continues to captivate and challenge minds across social media platforms. The video has garnered an impressive 2.7 million views and has garnered numerous likes and comments. Many viewers have eagerly shared their interpretations of this perplexing question.

Here’s how some individuals reacted to Shefali Bagga’s brain teaser:

  • One creative Instagram user humorously responded, “Today is ‘Good Day’!”
  • Another playfully suggested, “Today is leg day (no excuse).”
  • A fitness enthusiast chimed in with, “Chest day.”
  • A fourth commenter amusingly remarked, “This question appeared on my CA Foundation maths paper.”
  • One confident respondent simply stated, “Tuesday. So easy.”
  • Lastly, an insightful explanation was provided: “It’s Friday. Today is neither Tuesday nor Wednesday since tomorrow is neither Wednesday nor Thursday. Today is neither Saturday nor Sunday since yesterday was not Friday or Saturday. And since today is not Thursday, Monday, or Sunday, the only possible day is Friday.”

Now, can you deduce what day it is based on Shefali Bagga’s cleverly crafted brain teaser? Give it a try and challenge your mind with this intriguing puzzle.

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