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Public Cooking on Train Tracks Raises Safety Concerns: Indian Railways Responds to Viral Video

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A trending video on social media is causing a stir as it captures a unique scene near Mumbai’s Mahim Junction Railway Station.

The footage shows women seated between the train tracks, cooking meals on stoves, while some girls study in the same area. Children are seen playing, and others are resting or sleeping on the tracks.

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The viral video, shared on X by the Mumbai Matters account, has prompted a response from the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Central Railways’ Mumbai Division. Posted on January 24, the video has garnered over 22,000 views and has raised concerns among social media users, who describe the situation as “dangerous.”

Comments on the post range from expressions of concern to humorous observations. One user commented, “Very dangerous, please, somebody take action on it,” while another remarked, “When your life is on track, literally.”

Responding to the traction gained by the video, the DRM of Mumbai Central directed Western Railway authorities to investigate. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) took action, responding on X that personnel had removed the individuals engaging in such activities. The statement emphasized the need to keep the system free from such unwarranted activities.

This incident follows another video posted earlier this month, showing a Railways housekeeping employee disposing of trash from a moving train onto the tracks.

In response to the user’s tag of railway authorities, the DRM of Central Railway’s Mumbai Division requested PNR and train numbers for taking action against the involved employees.

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