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Passenger with Diabetes Removed from Jet2 Flight: Unforeseen Travel Turbulence

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Helen Taylor, a 56-year-old traveler from the UK, encountered an unexpected turn of events when she was “removed” from a Jet2 flight due to her diabetes, preventing her from traveling on her romantic getaway to Rome with her husband, David. The incident unfolded as she re-entered the cabin from the restroom during the flight, grappling with symptoms of sweating and dizziness.

Helen and her husband had been looking forward to their trip and boarded their flight at Newcastle International Airport without any complications. However, concerns arose among the flight crew regarding Helen’s well-being shortly after boarding.

Helen explained, “I was desperate for the toilet so I asked one of the cabin crew while people were still boarding whether I could possibly go to the loo. She said, ‘Yes, no problem.’ But when I came out I started to sweat and went a little bit dizzy. The air stewardess saw and asked, ‘Are you alright?’ and I said, ‘I am perfectly fine, I had just eaten after not eating all day and I have Type 2 diabetes, so it is just my blood sugars releveling. All I need is to sit down and have a drink of water, and I will be perfectly fine.”

She further informed the airline staff about her menopausal symptoms, which can cause sweating. After a brief moment, she felt better, but the airline staff returned and insisted on conducting a medical test. During this, Helen provided her name and disclosed her medical condition, Type 2 diabetes, for which she takes medication. Her husband explained that this occasionally happens when Helen hasn’t eaten for a while and assured that it’s a normal occurrence.

Despite her assurance and feeling better, Helen was informed by the airline staff that she had to leave the aircraft as they considered her a “flight risk” due to her diabetes. She questioned the decision, but the captain supported the crew’s decision to remove her from the plane.

Helen and her husband were escorted through the airport, had to return their duty-free purchases, and were questioned by Border Control before being instructed to take their luggage and go home.

Helen made several attempts to contact Jet2 to file a complaint and request a refund of the £1,800 they had paid for the flight. Their insurance company refused compensation, explaining that Jet2 was responsible for their removal and refund.

Jet2 issued a statement in which they apologized to Helen and confirmed they would refund the cost as a goodwill gesture.

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