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Mysterious Sea Creature Resembling a Mermaid Washes Ashore in Papua New Guinea

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The existence of mermaids has been a topic of intrigue and mystery for centuries. These legendary half-human, half-fish beings have been deeply ingrained in maritime culture, yet no scientific evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been discovered.

Now, the discovery of a mysterious mermaid-like creature washing ashore in Papua New Guinea has reignited legends of such aquatic humanoids in the area. While locals believe it could be a mermaid, marine experts are left baffled and on the quest for answers. Photos of this enigmatic sea creature have started circulating on social media, sparking curiosity and debate.

The images depict the remains of a marine creature covered in a white mass of what appears to be dead cells. The viral post’s caption reads, “A strange, dead sea creature, shaped like a mermaid, washed onto the shoreline in Simberi Island this morning. Can anyone provide an explanation to identify this creature?”

Social media users have been divided in their interpretations of the mysterious creature. While some are quick to label it as the body of a deceased mermaid, others demand a scientific explanation. One commenter suggested, “It’s quite simple. When someone passes away, you don’t just dispose of the body; you wrap it and lay it to rest. That’s what you’re seeing here. The body is inside, covered with that white substance. It’s actually a mermaid.”

Another user theorized, “It’s clearly some kind of fish or sea creature. It’s definitely not a mermaid; there are no distinct mermaid features present.” A third individual agreed, “Upon closer examination, it may be a dead shark or a premature baby whale. The bone structure might shed some light on this creature.” In contrast, one cautious user urged, “Leave it be, as it might be contaminated with disease. Let the authorities investigate.”

So, what exactly is this mysterious object, and what do the experts have to say about it?

This mysterious white creature is classified as a “globster,” a term used to describe masses of marine flesh that wash ashore in various states of decay. According to marine specialists cited in a report by Live Science, this perplexing find is believed to be a lifeless mass of a deceased animal rather than a mythical mermaid.

Environmental scientist Helene Marsh identifies it as a decaying mass of an animal, not a human. Marine mammal specialist Sascha Hooker suggests that it’s a “very decomposed cetacean,” which could belong to a whale or dolphin species, as their bodies turn white during the decay process. Another researcher, Erich Hoyt, hints that the globster might be a dugong or sea cow that has likely “been dead for weeks.”

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