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Mumbai Comedian’s Battle for Deposit: Internet Assistance and Mumbai Police to the Rescue

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In a recent viral post, a Mumbai-based comedian, Kashyap Swaroop, sought support from the online community after his ex-landlord failed to return the security deposit. Swaroop, using the ‘X’ platform (previously Twitter), shared his struggles, including screenshots of messages and reminders to the unresponsive landlord.

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In one post, Swaroop detailed his situation, stating, “My landlord asked me to vacate my home before the termination of the lock-in period. Despite leaving the house in excellent condition, he has not refunded 60% of my security deposit. Any lawyers who can assist in recovering the rest? He is avoiding my calls and messages.”

The initial screenshots revealed Swaroop’s frustration as he reminded the landlord about the refund and even warned of legal action if necessary. The landlord’s dismissive response, “Pls do what you have to do. Thanks,” prompted Swaroop to share the interaction, highlighting the challenges tenants face.

The post gained significant traction, amassing over 740K views, with numerous comments offering advice and support. Recommendations included asserting possession rights and securing the property to ensure a fair resolution.

As the online community rallied behind Swaroop, he sought assistance from the Mumbai Police. In a positive turn of events, the landlord eventually returned the deposit. Swaroop expressed his gratitude, acknowledging the online community’s support and emphasizing the crucial role played by Mumbai Police in resolving the matter.

In an update, Swaroop shared a more comprehensive backstory, touching on issues related to electric vehicle awareness, unethical CCTV monitoring, and intimidation.

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Despite these challenges, the assistance received from the online community and the intervention of Mumbai Police provided Swaroop with closure, referring to the police as the ‘silver lining’ in the vibrant city of Mumbai.

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