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Guinness World Record Holder, Indian Woman’s Incredible Journey with the World’s Longest Hair

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In the northern region of India, 46-year-old Smita Srivastava has achieved the extraordinary feat of securing the Guinness World Record for “the longest hair on a living person.” Her luscious locks, untouched by scissors since the age of 14, now measure an impressive 7 feet and 9 inches.

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Smita, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, follows a cultural tradition where long hair is associated with the divine, drawing inspiration from goddesses adorned with lengthy locks. In her own words, “In Indian culture, goddesses traditionally had very long hair. In our society, it is considered inauspicious to cut hair, so that is why women used to grow hair,” she explained, emphasizing the cultural significance attached to her flowing tresses.

Maintaining such remarkable hair comes with its rituals. Smita, as per the Guinness World Records, washes her hair twice a week, dedicating 30-45 minutes to this process alone. The entire routine, encompassing washing, drying, and styling, consumes a staggering three hours of her day.

Taking to social media, Guinness World Records proudly declared Smita’s achievement, highlighting her hair’s measurement at an astounding 236.22 centimeters (7 ft 9 in). Smita herself attributes her inspiration to the unique hairstyles sported by Hindi actresses in the 1980s.

Beyond the records, Smita’s long locks become a spectacle for those around her. She shared how people are often left astonished, touching her hair, capturing selfies, and inquiring about her maintenance routine. Responding to the curiosity, Smita graciously shares her hair care secrets, with many expressing their admiration for the beauty of her well-maintained hair.

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Looking forward, Smita expressed her desire for her hair to continue growing, eager to see how long she can manage it. Her journey stands not only as a personal feat but also as a testament to the cultural richness and traditions woven into the tapestry of Indian society.

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