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Desi Woman Sets Social Media Ablaze with Viral ‘Ghagra’ Performance

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In the dynamic world of social media, a mesmerizing dance video featuring a spirited woman has become the latest sensation.

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Shared by Instagram user Riya Maheshwari, this lively performance to Ranbir Kapoor’s “Ghagra” from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is capturing the hearts of netizens.


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A post shared by Riya Maheshwari (@riyamaheshwari_27)

The viral video showcases the woman’s vibrant energy and graceful moves, earning over 6,000 likes and numerous comments expressing admiration.

Viewers are showering the performance with heart and fire emoticons, with one enthusiastic comment labeling it as “Lovely… superb” and another exclaiming, “Wow, this is next level.”

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The infectious dance has left a positive impact, with comments like “Soo goood” and “This is amazing, my dear” echoing the widespread appreciation for the video.

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