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Visa-Free Entry for Indians in New Destinations After Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka

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Indian passport holders have gained visa-free access to more destinations following recent initiatives by Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. With the Passport Index ranking India at 137th, the latest move highlights improved international mobility for Indian nationals.

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The Passport Index, renowned for evaluating passport strength and travel freedoms, underscores that Indian passport holders previously faced visa requirements in 123 countries. However, recent developments have extended visa-free entry to 26 countries, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Sri Lanka’s visa-free entry spans till March 2024, aiming to bolster tourism by attracting an estimated five million tourists. Thailand’s recent announcement allows Indians a visa-free stay of up to 30 days from November 2023 to May 2024, further enhancing travel prospects.

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India’s passport ranking is anticipated to rise post these initiatives, showcasing improved global travel access for Indian nationals. The United Arab Emirates maintains its lead as the country with the world’s strongest passport, offering visa-free access to 116 countries and visa-on-arrival access to 57 nations, with a remarkable total mobility score of 173.

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