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WhatsApp’s New Web Feature: Filter Favourite Contacts for Enhanced Messaging

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Good news for WhatsApp Web users! Reports suggest that WhatsApp, the widely used social messaging app, is in the process of introducing a favourite contacts filter feature for its web client. This upcoming update is set to revolutionize the messaging experience on WhatsApp Web, providing users with improved control and efficiency. Let’s delve into the details.

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WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature that will enable users to designate favourite contacts in its web client. This feature, once released, will introduce a dedicated chat filter, allowing users to prioritize and streamline their conversations.

The primary goal is to offer users enhanced control over their messaging experience. With this feature, users can manually add their most important contacts, ensuring easy access through a dedicated filter. Although the feature is still in development and not yet available, it is anticipated to be part of a future update for the web client.

Benefits of WhatsApp Filter Contacts Feature: The WhatsApp Filter Contacts feature comes with several advantages. It empowers users to prioritize their conversations, enhancing control and efficiency in their messaging experience.

Furthermore, it facilitates quick calls to selected contacts directly from the calls tab. The feature simplifies reaching out to frequently contacted users, adding a layer of customization to tailor the messaging experience according to individual preferences.

Other Recent WhatsApp Updates: While the anticipated feature is gradually rolling out, users may need to exercise some patience. WhatsApp has confirmed that the favourite contacts filter feature is yet to be available in web and desktop versions.

In addition to this upcoming feature, WhatsApp has introduced the ability to share various formats on the status channels, including text, links, photos, GIFs, and videos. Users can also forward interesting channel updates to friends and family through individual or group chats. Moreover, WhatsApp now allows the sharing of voice messages up to 30 seconds on status, and dynamic interactions are facilitated through polls.

For users eagerly awaiting this update, the steps to utilize the Forward to Channel Update feature on WhatsApp are as follows:

  1. Hover over the update to forward from a WhatsApp Channel.
  2. Click on More, then > Forward. To forward multiple updates, check the box next to each one.
  3. Click the forward (curved arrow) icon.
  4. Search for or select the individual or group chats to forward the update.
  5. Click on the send icon to share the update.

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Stay tuned for the release of this exciting new feature that promises to enhance your WhatsApp Web experience!

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