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Samsung’s Leap into the Generative AI World: Galaxy S24 to Lead the Way

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Generative AI continues to be the driving force in the tech industry, with companies vying to harness the potential of services like ChatGPT. Samsung is no exception, as rumors suggest that the upcoming Galaxy S24 will introduce on-device generative AI, akin to ChatGPT, making it a significant feature to look forward to in early 2024.

While Samsung has yet to officially confirm the Galaxy S24’s generative AI integration, the company has acknowledged that ChatGPT-like capabilities will be available on at least one of its devices next year. This development is particularly noteworthy in a world where access to AI technology, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 Copilot AI, can cost as much as $9,000 and where the upcoming Humane Ai Pin is expected to retail for $1,000. Samsung’s commitment to offering built-in AI features in its flagship phones presents an exciting prospect.

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The confirmation of Samsung’s interest in generative AI came during the Q3 2023 earnings conference call. The company expressed its intention to introduce AI technology as a new, immersive experience within its devices, with generative AI features slated for rollout starting in 2024, albeit without specifying a firm timeline.

The Galaxy S24, set to be unveiled in early January, emerges as the prime candidate to offer on-device AI akin to ChatGPT. However, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, expected to launch in mid-2024, are also potential candidates for featuring Samsung’s generative AI technology.

With Apple rumored to invest heavily in its Apple GPT experience to power generative AI features in future iPhones, it is likely that Samsung seeks to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving space. Consequently, both companies may aim to have their respective AI technologies operational in their flagship devices as soon as next year.

While Samsung has not divulged the specifics of the generative AI features it’s developing or any potential partnerships, one crucial detail sets it apart. Samsung’s AI phones will offer ChatGPT-like features without relying on an external cloud. This is a significant privacy enhancement, as user data remains on the device and does not need to be transmitted to Samsung’s servers.

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Moreover, on-device generative AI allows for AI functionality even without an internet connection, although certain tasks dependent on internet access may not be achievable. This approach also paves the way for personalized AI experiences, akin to Google’s offerings with Bard and Pixel 8 phones.

Running generative AI on smartphones also hinges on the capability of the hardware. Flagship phones, like the Galaxy S24, are more equipped to handle AI features, thanks to advanced chips like Qualcomm’s newly unveiled Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature this next-gen chip, as will some of the more affordable Galaxy S24 variants.

Nevertheless, Samsung may consider offering ChatGPT-like experiences on mid-range phones by processing queries in the cloud rather than on the device. However, the cost associated with generative AI technology might prompt Samsung to bundle it primarily with its high-end phones.

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In a rapidly evolving smartphone market, generative AI could indeed provide Galaxy flagships with a competitive edge, offering users enhanced capabilities and privacy while staying ahead of the curve.

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