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Netflix’s Aggressive Gaming Push: A Lesson for Apple

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At Apple’s recent iPhone 15 launch event, a surprising announcement turned heads – AAA games like Resident Evil Village and Assassin’s Creed Mirage would soon grace the App Store. This marked a notable stride for a tech giant that hadn’t previously placed a strong emphasis on gaming. However, a month later, Apple’s gaming ambitions appear somewhat elusive, while Netflix, a streaming behemoth, is fervently investing in the gaming realm. In light of this, there are lessons that Apple can glean from Netflix’s bold foray into gaming.

Netflix’s Gaming Ascent

A recent report by The Wall Street Journal delved into Netflix’s burgeoning commitment to gaming. Notably, Netflix already offers a multitude of mobile games bundled within its subscriptions. In the near future, Netflix plans to introduce even more games, drawing inspiration from its popular original series and films such as Squid Game, Wednesday, Extraction, and Black Mirror.

What sets Netflix apart is its strategic vision to transcend mobile screens. The company is diligently crafting a cloud gaming service that will grant subscribers the ability to enjoy games on TVs, PCs, and various streaming devices. The beta testing for this service has been underway in Canada and the UK since August. Remarkably, Netflix recently unveiled plans to roll out limited beta tests in the US, bolstered by the availability of a Netflix Game Controller app on the Apple App Store, which enables users to utilize their phones as controllers.

Moreover, Netflix is exploring partnerships with gaming industry stalwarts. Recent reports suggest that discussions have been held regarding licensing a Grand Theft Auto game from Take-Two Interactive, a potential blockbuster addition to its gaming repertoire. This move could be pivotal in transforming Netflix Games into a gaming powerhouse, complementing its existing library.

Apple’s Gaming Puzzle

In the realm of gaming, Apple stands as a heavyweight with unmatched brand recognition and customer loyalty. Each year, the company sells hundreds of millions of devices, doubling as potent gaming platforms. However, Apple has not capitalized on marketing the iPhone as a gaming console. The absence of a concerted effort in this direction creates a stark contrast to Netflix, which is vigorously promoting gaming as a flagship feature.

A Lesson to Learn

While Netflix’s success in gaming remains uncertain, it’s evident that they are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit. This underlines an essential lesson for Apple – the importance of wholeheartedly embracing gaming. Apple’s powerful ecosystem and hardware capabilities could revolutionize mobile gaming, and the recent introduction of games like Resident Evil 4 and Death Stranding signals the potential for high-quality gaming on iOS devices. However, Netflix’s unwavering dedication to gaming serves as a compelling example for Apple, encouraging them to take their gaming ambitions to the next level.

As the dynamics of the gaming industry continue to evolve, Netflix’s aggressive gaming push may hold valuable lessons for Apple, a company with all the ingredients for a game-changing impact in the gaming sphere.

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