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Netflix CEO – Apple’s Vision Pro Not a Priority, Here’s Why

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In a recent revelation, Netflix CEO Greg Peters has stated that Apple’s Vision Pro may not be deemed ‘relevant’ enough for Netflix to invest in developing a dedicated application.

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Despite the decent performance and around 1.8 lakh units already sold, the niche market and overall target audience of the Apple Vision Pro may not align with Netflix’s priorities.

While the Apple Vision Pro is set to be available starting February 2 in the US, Netflix users won’t find an official app for the mixed reality headset at launch. According to Peters, Netflix’s decision is not due to unwillingness but based on a strategic evaluation of the $3,499 headset’s value proposition for a significant portion of its user base.

“We have to be careful about making sure that we’re not investing in places that are not really yielding a return,” Peters explained in an interview on Stratechery’s Daily Update podcast. He emphasized that, at this point, having a dedicated app for the Vision Pro may not enhance the user experience significantly, and the current subscale nature of the device doesn’t make it particularly relevant to most Netflix members.

Peters maintained that Netflix is always in discussions with Apple and acknowledged the possibility of revisiting the decision if the headset gains traction. “Certainly, we’re always in discussions with Apple to try and figure that out, but right now, the device is so subscale that it’s not really particularly relevant to most of our members,” he added.

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While Netflix and Apple have a history of collaboration, Peters highlighted the need to prioritize investments that yield a tangible return. He hinted that the dynamics might change over time as Netflix observes the performance and user adoption of the Vision Pro. “Sometimes we find a great space of overlap. We can move very, very quickly. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer,” Peters concluded, leaving room for potential collaboration in the future.

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