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Microsoft Introduces Copilot: AI Companion Across Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing

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We are entering a new era of artificial intelligence that promises to revolutionize our interactions with technology. With the convergence of chat interfaces and massive language models, you can now simply ask your technology for assistance and receive responses, actions, or generated content based on natural language queries.

Microsoft researchers liken this experience to having a co-pilot who can assist you in various tasks. Microsoft has integrated AI-powered guides into some of their most popular products, such as GitHub (saving developers time), Microsoft 365 (boosting employee efficiency), Bing and Edge (transforming web search), and Windows (providing contextual value across all apps and your computer).

Copilot leverages web context and intelligence alongside your work data and your computer activities to provide enhanced support while maintaining your privacy and security. By seamlessly integrating with Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and their web browsers Edge and Bing, Microsoft aims to create a streamlined and intuitive user experience. You can access it as an app or through a simple right-click. Microsoft is committed to offering a unified experience across all your devices and platforms by expanding Copilot’s features and establishing deeper integrations with your most-used apps.

As of September 26, release previews of Copilot for Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 are available through a free update to Windows 11. Microsoft has also unveiled innovative experiences and tools designed to enhance productivity, foster creativity, and cater to the daily needs of individuals and organizations.

Microsoft Copilot serves as the AI assistant for Microsoft 365, Windows 11, Edge, Bing, and more. Users across these Microsoft programs can access AI-powered assistance throughout their work processes. Notably, Microsoft 365 Copilot includes the chat feature known as Microsoft 365 Chat, capable of answering queries and assisting with tasks by accessing information from all Microsoft Office programs.

Additionally, Bing and Edge users can now enjoy faster online shopping. Bing provides specific product suggestions based on a series of questions about a product, while Microsoft Edge users have received over $4 billion in discounts in the past year. Soon, you’ll even be able to initiate purchases using images you’ve taken or saved.

Microsoft Copilot’s pricing varies depending on the program it’s added to, ranging from free to thousands of dollars. Enterprise users can begin purchasing Microsoft 365 Copilot starting November 1 for $30 per user per month. This monthly cost is comparable to the most expensive Microsoft Office 365 E5 corporate subscription ($38 per user per month) but higher than lower-tier plans for Microsoft 365 business subscriptions ($12 to $23 per user per month).

Copilot empowers users to work faster, reduce mental stress, and simplify complex tasks, all while offering easy access through the taskbar or the Win+C keyboard shortcut, making it available on any device in any environment.

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