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iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra Drop Test: Unveiling Durability Realities

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Apple’s recent release of the iPhone 15 Pro series generated considerable excitement, promising significant upgrades such as a titanium build and a USB Type-C port. These enhancements aimed to elevate the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s durability and versatility. However, a recent drop test conducted by PhoneBuff, pitting the iPhone 15 Pro Max against the Galaxy S23 Ultra, has shed light on the real-world durability of Apple’s flagship device.

The Drop Test:

PhoneBuff’s meticulous drop test sought to provide an unbiased comparison in real-world conditions, employing robotic arms for consistency. The test encompassed four rounds of drops, each revealing distinct aspects of the devices’ durability.

  1. Back-Facing Drop: In the first round, both phones were dropped with their backs facing down from a waist-level height. Surprisingly, the iPhone’s glass back sustained significant damage, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra, fortified with an aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection, exhibited only minor corner cracks.
  2. Corner Impact: In the second round, the phones were dropped on one of their corners. The iPhone’s titanium frame created sparks upon impact with the concrete, but it remained relatively unscathed. Conversely, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s aluminum frame showed slight deformation. However, the iPhone’s rear glass began to show signs of disintegration, raising questions about its overall build quality.
  3. Screen-First Drop: The third test involved dropping the smartphones with their screens facing down. Both screens suffered significant cracks, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra experiencing slightly worse damage due to its curved display. Remarkably, both phones remained operational, including the Galaxy’s in-display fingerprint reader.
  4. Higher Drop: In the final round, both phones were subjected to a drop from a greater height. The Galaxy S23 Ultra maintained its appearance, resembling its state after the previous drop test. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max exhibited even more shattered glass on both the front and rear.

The Verdict:

After tallying the results from all four rounds, the Galaxy S23 Ultra emerged as the victor of the drop test, despite its aluminum frame. This outcome prompts questions about the real-world advantages of Apple’s implementation of a titanium frame.

Possible Explanations:

The host of the drop test video highlighted several factors that could have contributed to the iPhone’s subpar performance. The iPhone’s curved edges, a departure from its previous flat design, may have caused it to sit less securely within its frame. Additionally, the thinner bezels on the front of the device might have rendered it more susceptible to damage during drops.

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s performance in the drop test has sparked discussions about its real-world durability, especially when compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. While Apple’s implementation of a titanium frame appeared promising, the test results indicate that there may be more to consider when evaluating a smartphone’s ability to withstand the rigors of everyday life.

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