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Google’s Search Gets Creative: Generate Images with Text Prompts

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and AI, Google is once again taking a giant leap forward by enhancing its Search Generative Experience (SGE). The latest addition to this innovative platform is an image generation tool that empowers users to create images directly from textual prompts in the search bar.

The tech industry is currently immersed in a relentless race for AI supremacy, with major players like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and others continually introducing groundbreaking features and models. In a recent update, Google revealed its plans to introduce image generation capabilities within its Search Generative Experience, akin to Microsoft’s Bing Image creator unveiled earlier.

Google’s vision for SGE revolves around providing users with a seamless and multifaceted search experience. The aim is to harness the power of AI to offer more comprehensive and informative responses to user queries. Recent enhancements to SGE include AI-generated summaries of search results, grammar checks for search queries, and the latest feature – the ability to create images with specific text prompts.

This image generation functionality within SGE is made possible by Google’s Imagen family of models, which have already proven their mettle in applications like Google Slides and Meet.

How Image Generation on Google Search Works: Users can harness Google’s generative AI in Search by leveraging the Imagen text-to-image diffusion models. It enables users to request images using plain text prompts. For instance, if someone wants an image of a dog dancing on a beach, they can simply ask Google Search to create this image. Google’s AI engine will respond by presenting four different image options to choose from. Users also have the flexibility to fine-tune their image description to align with their specific preferences.

To explore AI image generation in Google’s SGE, users should input commands such as “draw – your prompt -” or “sketch” into the Google Search box. Once the prompt is submitted, users will receive up to four generated images, displayed above the regular search results and marked with a distinctive background color.

Additionally, Google may suggest AI-generated images while users are browsing through image search results. It’s important to note that there might be a slight delay in the SGE’s integration into image search, so a bit of patience may be needed. However, once fully implemented, this feature will serve as a valuable tool for users who have precise image requirements but can’t find an exact match.

Upon selecting one of these generated images, users can delve deeper into their vision by refining the description, adding more details, and bringing their creative ideas to life.

Google emphasizes that it is implementing these new AI features responsibly and with user safety in mind. The image-generation tool adheres to the company’s prohibited use policy for generative AI, ensuring that it remains compliant and ethical.

In a world where AI is rapidly advancing, Google’s image generation tool marks yet another stride towards enhancing the search experience, making it more interactive, creative, and user-friendly.

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