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Google Unveils Optimized Toolbars for Android Tablets and Foldables in Docs, Sheets, and Slides Apps

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Google is taking a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience on Android tablets and foldables with the introduction of improved toolbars in its popular apps—Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This update, recently announced in a Workspace Updates blog post, is designed to elevate the editing experience for users across these productivity applications.

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Mode Switching in Google Docs

In the Google Docs app, users can now enjoy a revamped editing experience with the introduction of a new mode switcher. This feature enables seamless transitions between editing, suggestion, and viewing modes, providing users with enhanced flexibility and control over their document editing process.

Persistent Toolbar in Google Slides Editing Mode

For Google Slides enthusiasts, an ever-present toolbar is now available while in editing mode. This ensures quick and easy access to essential editing tools, streamlining the process of creating and refining presentations on Android tablets and foldable devices.

Default Cell Selection in Google Sheets

Google Sheets users will experience a notable change as well, with a default cell being selected upon opening the application. This improvement aims to optimize the user’s workflow by expediting the spreadsheet editing process from the moment the app is launched.

The rollout of these enhanced toolbars is not limited; it extends to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts, enriching the user experience for a broader audience.

Timezone Support for Date+Time Smart Chips

In addition to the toolbar upgrades, Google has expanded timezone support for existing date+time smart chips in Google Docs. This enhancement ensures more accurate representation of time across the globe, catering to users who collaborate on documents from different time zones.

Revamped Google Drive Homepage for Faster File Access

This announcement follows Google’s recent update to the homepage of the Google Drive mobile app on Android and iOS devices. The refreshed homepage facilitates quicker file retrieval with an updated suggested view, showcasing more recommended files at once. Users can easily locate recently opened, shared, or edited files, enhancing efficiency in file management. Furthermore, Google has replaced the notifications view with the activity view, consolidating pending access requests, recent comments, and awaiting approvals in one convenient location.

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As Google continues to refine its suite of productivity tools, these updates underscore the company’s commitment to providing users with a seamless and efficient digital workspace. Stay tuned for more innovations as Google aims to further elevate the mobile productivity experience.

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