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Google Introduces Animated Emoji Reactions, A Peek into the Future of Expressive Messaging

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Google is set to revolutionize messaging with animated emoji reactions, a feature currently being tested in the Messages app and soon to extend to Gmail for Android. Users can anticipate a dynamic and engaging communication experience with this expressive addition.

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Distinct Animated Emoji Reactions in Messages: AssembleDebug, a keen user, discovered Google’s new animated emoji reactions in the beta version of the Messages app. Unlike typical emojis, these animated reactions draw inspiration from platforms like Telegram, allowing users to long-press on a message and select an animated emoji to convey their response.

Interactive Messaging Experience: A video shared by AssembleDebug provides a sneak peek into how users can seamlessly incorporate animated emojis as responses to text, creating a more interactive and engaging conversation.

Emoji Reactions for Gmail (Android): Google is expanding this feature to Gmail for Android, allowing users to express their reactions to emails with emojis. Android users can easily respond to emails by tapping on “Add emoji reaction” below the message and choosing the desired emoji, enhancing the expressive potential of email communication.

Rollout to iOS and Web Users: While the animated emoji reactions are currently in the testing phase in the Messages app, they will gradually become available for Gmail users on Android. Google plans to extend this feature to iOS and web users in the coming months, promising a consistent and expressive email experience across platforms.

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Stay tuned for the future of expressive messaging as Google introduces animated emoji reactions, adding a vibrant touch to your digital conversations.

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