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Google Drive Users Experience Data Loss, Company Investigates

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Several Google Drive users are facing data loss issues without any apparent cause, prompting the company’s attention and investigation.

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Google Drive desktop users are experiencing random data disappearance, and Google has confirmed this ongoing issue, actively working on a resolution.

The company has officially recognized the problem, expressing its commitment to investigating the cause of the missing data in Google Drive. They assure users of timely updates regarding the issue.

Google has advised affected users not to take certain actions within Drive for desktop to prevent further loss, while also recommending safeguards like backing up critical app data folders. The root cause of the issue remains uncertain, initially reported by a user whose Drive reverted to its state from several months prior, losing all subsequent uploads.

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Despite support attempts, recovery efforts have been unsuccessful. Numerous users echoed similar experiences, expressing frustration over lost files and attempts to engage Google support for resolution, with no success reported yet.

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