Tuesday, October 3, 2023

“Google Cloud’s Enhanced Cryptomining Protection Program: $1 Million Financial Protection Against Crypto Mining Attacks”

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Google Cloud is pleased to introduce an exclusive program that provides $1 million in financial protection against crypto mining attacks. We understand that crypto mining poses a significant threat to cloud environments, often resulting in substantial unauthorized compute costs within a short period.

As per the Google Cybersecurity Action Team’s (GCAT) September 2022 Threat Horizons Report, a staggering 65% of compromised cloud accounts experienced crypto mining. To address this issue and bolster our customers’ confidence in their ability to detect and mitigate such attacks, we have launched the Cryptomining Protection Program.

This program is specifically designed for Security Command Center Premium customers, our comprehensive security and risk management solution for Google Cloud. It offers financial protection of up to $1 million to cover unauthorized compute expenses incurred due to undetected crypto mining attacks.

To qualify for participation in the Cryptomining Protection Program, customers must be using Security Command Center Premium and adhere to the program’s terms and conditions, including the implementation of Cryptomining Detection Best Practices. Detailed information regarding eligibility criteria and further program insights can be found in the Cryptomining Protection Program Overview.

It is important to note that the program leverages the advanced detection capabilities integrated into Security Command Center Premium, which are specifically engineered into the Google Cloud infrastructure. These detection capabilities enable us to scan virtual machine memory for malware without requiring additional agents, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing potential attack surfaces. By adopting this approach, we can identify crypto mining attacks that may go unnoticed by traditional bolt-on security tools relying on cloud logs and API data analysis.

Additionally, Security Command Center Premium excels at detecting compromised identities, which are often exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to cloud accounts and deploy crypto mining malware. This means that potential threats can be identified even before adversaries can leverage compromised information to launch an attack. Such comprehensive detection capabilities for crypto mining can only be delivered by a product built into the cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud follows a shared fate approach to risk management. We recognize that our success lies in delivering robust security outcomes on our platform. Therefore, if our efforts to detect and prevent crypto mining attacks prove unsuccessful, we provide financial protection to our Security Command Center Premium customers, thus assuming responsibility for the outcomes.

We are delighted to offer this enhanced level of financial protection against crypto mining attacks, as it demonstrates our commitment to addressing one of the most significant and costly threats in cloud environments. By equipping our customers with effective built-in detection tools, we aim to increase confidence among enterprise buyers when transitioning to the cloud.

To begin your journey with Security Command Center Premium, which includes agentless crypto mining detection, please visit the Google Cloud console. For more detailed information about the Cryptomining Protection Program, we invite you to read the comprehensive Program Overview, which provides insights into eligibility criteria and other pertinent details.

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