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Google Bard Unleashes Free Image Generation Feature: A Game-Changer in AI Chatbots

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Google Bard has just elevated its capabilities by introducing a free image generation feature, putting it on par with competitors like ChatGPT Plus, without any cost to users. Previously, the Gemini-powered chatbot lacked the ability to generate images, but Google has now bridged that gap, allowing Bard users to create images effortlessly.

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When you access Google Bard at bard.google.com, you’ll notice a prompt encouraging you to explore image generation. Simply begin your request with phrases like ‘Create an image of…’ or ‘Generate an image of…,’ and provide a description of the desired picture, as instructed by Google.

Upon generating your initial image, you have the option to tap ‘Generate more’ for additional variations. Once satisfied, a quick download button allows you to save the images offline for convenience.

In our own testing, the tool performed as promised. Submitting a prompt with specific details, such as render style, characters, and lighting, yielded impressive results. For instance, when we tasked Bard with creating a photorealistic image of a black hole, the outcome was compelling. Attempting to delve further and inquire about the inside of a black hole, the chatbot cleverly acknowledged the impossibility of determining the internal appearance due to the inability of light to escape.

It’s noteworthy that Google Bard’s image generation feature currently utilizes the Imagen 2 text-to-image models and not Gemini Ultra.

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Additionally, unlike ChatGPT Plus, which operates on a subscription basis, Bard’s image generation remains entirely free. This presents a significant advantage, allowing more users to leverage its capabilities and share the newfound functionality of Google Bard.

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