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Enhancing WhatsApp Privacy: New Feature to Hide Locked Chats on the Horizon

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Reports have surfaced indicating that WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is working on a feature that will allow users to hide locked chats, adding another layer of privacy to the popular messaging app. Previously, there were hints about WhatsApp introducing a secret code feature for locked conversations.

According to insights from WABetaInfo, a trusted source for WhatsApp updates, the instant messaging platform is currently in the process of developing a new feature that will empower users to conceal their locked chats.

Presently, the entry point for accessing the list of locked chats remains visible in the chat list as long as there is at least one protected conversation. This visibility could potentially alert anyone with access to the phone about the existence of locked chats.

However, with the introduction of this upcoming feature, users will gain the ability to remove the entry point entirely. They can reveal the list of locked chats by entering a secret code into the search bar, providing an added layer of privacy and security.

WhatsApp emphasizes that this feature’s introduction, which enables the concealment of the entry point for locked chats and the integration of a secret code to access protected conversations, represents a significant stride in enhancing user privacy.

It’s worth noting that in addition to this upcoming feature, WhatsApp has announced plans to launch a password-less passkey feature for Android users. This initiative is designed to bolster security and convenience by eliminating the need for traditional two-factor SMS authentication, which can be both less secure and less convenient.

In an announcement made on X (formerly Twitter), the company stated, “Android users can easily and securely log back in with passkeys. Only your face, fingerprint, or PIN will unlock your WhatsApp account.”

While passkeys underwent initial testing within WhatsApp’s beta channel, they are now ready for rollout to the general user base. Unfortunately, there is no current information available regarding the inclusion of WhatsApp passkeys for iPhone users.

The company has confirmed that Android support for passkeys will be introduced gradually over the upcoming weeks and months. Passkeys provide an alternative to traditional passwords by utilizing the authentication methods available on your device, ensuring both security and convenience for users. Stay tuned for these exciting enhancements to your WhatsApp experience.

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