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Effortless File Transfers Between Mac and Android: A Guide to NearDrop

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In the realm of seamless file transfers, the integration between Android devices and Windows is well-established, as is the compatibility between iPhones and Windows PCs. However, when it comes to wirelessly sharing files between Android phones and Macs, the process can be less straightforward.

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Despite Google’s 2012 update to the Android File Transfer app for Mac, its limitations, especially with large file transfers via USB, persist. While Nearby Share for Windows facilitates wireless file transfers between PCs and Android phones, there’s no official tool for Mac users. Enter NearDrop, a free and user-friendly app that brings the functionality of Nearby Share to Mac, offering a solution for Android smartphone and Mac computer users.

How to Install NearDrop on Your Mac?

  1. NearDrop is not available on the App Store. Download it from GitHub in zip format.
  2. Extract the downloaded file on your Mac and copy it to the Applications folder.
  3. Whitelist the app by going to System Settings > Privacy and Security > Allow the app (NearDrop) to run.

After whitelisting, launch NearDrop from the menu bar.

How to Send a File from Mac to Android using NearDrop?

  1. Ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, and NearDrop is running on your Mac.
  2. Double-click on the file to share, select “Share” from the menu, and add NearDrop to the extensions if prompted.
  3. Choose NearDrop from the share menu; your Mac will search for Android phones with Nearby Share.
  4. Set Nearby Share visibility to “Everyone” on your Android phone if needed.
  5. If your phone isn’t visible, go to Google File Manager and select Nearby Share.
  6. Accept the file transfer on your Android phone to complete the process.

How to Receive a File from Android to Mac using NearDrop?

  1. Open NearDrop on your Mac and set visibility to “Everyone.”
  2. Select the file on your Android phone to share and click on the MacBook icon.
  3. Accept the notification on your Mac to complete the file transfer.

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NearDrop, developed by Gregory K on GitHub, partially utilizes Google’s Nearby Share and is compatible with most modern Macs with Wi-Fi connectivity. This guide ensures a smooth experience for sharing files between Android and Mac devices, adding a layer of convenience to your digital interactions.

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