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China Telecom Paves the Way for Affordable Satellite Communications: Breaking Myths Surrounding Huawei’s Exclusive Rights

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Smartphone technologies are rapidly evolving, ushering in innovations that simplify our daily lives through groundbreaking features. One notable advancement is the integration of satellite connection capabilities, a feature initially introduced with the iPhone 14 and now embraced by various brands such as Samsung and Oppo. Huawei, a key player in the smartphone industry, has also entered this arena, challenging preconceived notions about exclusive rights to satellite communication technology. Let’s delve into the details…

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China Telecom Initiates Mobile Direct Satellite Service, Dispelling Myths About Huawei’s Monopoly

Contrary to speculations that Huawei held exclusive rights to satellite communication technology, China Telecom has emphatically clarified that this is not the case. In fact, the telecommunications giant is actively seeking collaborations with multiple phone manufacturers to popularize the adoption of satellite communication technology. In September 2023, Huawei launched the Mate 60 Pro, a pioneering smartphone that supports satellite communications. This device empowers users to make calls and send text messages even in areas devoid of cellular coverage.

Amidst industry murmurs about potential delays in similar features from other phone makers due to Huawei’s supposed exclusive rights, a spokesperson from China Telecom assured Sina Technology that Huawei does not possess exclusive rights to this groundbreaking technology. Implementing satellite communications in a smartphone demands substantial technical expertise and investment across various facets, including chips, protocols, and terminals, according to the spokesperson.

Currently, only the Huawei Mate 60 Pro supports satellite communications,” the spokesperson noted. “We are strategically planning to collaborate with additional phone manufacturers, ensuring widespread accessibility to this transformative technology.” Despite the Mate 60 Pro’s premium positioning and relatively high price, China Telecom envisions making satellite communications accessible to a broader audience through more affordable phones.

China Telecom’s Mobile Direct Satellite Service: Unveiling Accessibility for All

In tandem with its collaboration efforts, China Telecom has introduced its own satellite communications service, aptly named “Mobile Direct Satellite.” This service enables users to seamlessly integrate satellite communications into their existing cellular plans without the need for a new SIM card or phone number. Available to all China Telecom customers, this service represents a significant stride towards democratizing satellite communication technology.

Leveraging its exclusive operation of the Tiantong-1 satellite constellation, China Telecom’s mobile direct satellite service blankets the entirety of China’s territory and territorial waters. Additionally, the telecom giant has ambitious plans to launch its proprietary satellite communications phone, the Tianyi Bodun S9, slated for release on November 10. Equipped with a built-in satellite antenna, this device empowers users to make and receive calls and exchange text messages seamlessly.

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China Telecom’s initiatives challenge misconceptions surrounding Huawei’s alleged monopoly on satellite communication technology. As the telecom giant actively collaborates with various phone manufacturers and introduces accessible services, the landscape of satellite communications is poised for inclusive growth, making this transformative technology available to a broader demographic.

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