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CES 2024: Unveiling the Quirkiest Gadgets that Stole the Show

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, the epitome of the tech world, showcased a multitude of groundbreaking inventions and innovations. Among the myriad of cutting-edge technologies, some gadgets stood out for their eccentricity and uniqueness.

Here’s a glimpse into the top weird gadgets that captured our attention:

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Flappie – The AI-Powered Cat Flap: Swiss start-up Flappie introduced an intelligent cat flap fueled by AI, ensuring your feline friend doesn’t bring unwanted “gifts” home. With a sensor on the cat’s collar, this quirky gadget uses AI to detect objects in the cat’s mouth, determining entry access accordingly.

MouthPad – Transforming Tongues into Tech: Augmental, based in San Francisco, showcased MouthPad, a 3D-printed smart mouthware that transforms the tongue into a mouse for laptops and tablets. This unique gadget, made from dental-grade resin, facilitates iOS interface navigation using Apple’s Assistive Touch and doubles as a Bluetooth mouse for other devices.

Willtex Willcook – The Wearable Oven: Debuting as a “wearable oven,” Willtex Willcook takes cooking on the move to a whole new level. Resembling a backpack, this gadget utilizes a heated thin mesh fabric to slow-cook food, making it perfect for road trips and camping adventures.

Rabbit r1 – Your Quirky AI Companion: Rabbit r1, a standout device, controls apps and processes on your smartphone with a large action model (LAM) that mimics user interactions. Sold in a vibrant Luminous Orange shade, this quirky gadget boasts a display, navigation wheel, push-to-talk button, and a 360-degree rotating camera.

Kohler PureWash E930 Bidet Seat: Kohler transforms any standard western toilet into a high-end smart device with the PureWash E930 Bidet Seat. Packed with features like UV cleaning, hands-free controls, a warm air dryer, and voice control assistance through Alexa and Google, this gadget brings luxury to the bathroom.

Samsung Ballie – Rolling AI Bot Redux: Making a return from CES 2020, Samsung’s Ballie rolling AI bot now comes with upgrades. This sleek device serves as a rolling AI companion, projecting images, interacting with other smart devices, and responding to voice commands and text messages.

Invoxia Smart Dog Collar: French firm Invoxia presents a smart dog collar utilizing AI, miniature sensors, and accelerometers to track dogs’ heart activity. The device measures movement, heart rate, and respiration patterns, creating a 2D visual representation of the animal’s cardio-pulmonary system.

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro: Belkin introduces the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, replacing tripods by connecting directly to an iPhone. The stand swivels 360 degrees and tilts up to 90 degrees, ensuring users stay in frame during video calls with the help of LED indicators.

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From quirky cat flaps to smart mouthware, CES 2024 showcased a delightful array of peculiar gadgets that left tech enthusiasts both amused and intrigued.

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