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Apple’s Push for Generative AI: What iOS 18 Might Bring

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Apple’s Race for a ChatGPT Rival

The call for Apple to develop its own ChatGPT rival, particularly optimized for the Vision Pro, has been echoing repeatedly. A recent report hinted at the integration of Apple’s “Apple GPT” generative AI software within iOS 18, raising expectations of its inclusion in the Vision Pro as well. The weekend brought forth a promising report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, a beacon of hope for ChatGPT enthusiasts.

Generative AI Features Coming to iPhone

Apple appears to be working fervently to introduce generative AI features to the iPhone. This marks the first revelation of how Apple GPT might function on Apple devices.

In the world of rumors and speculation, certainties are rare. Apple, known for its tight-lipped approach, is unlikely to divulge details about unreleased products, be it hardware or software. However, Mark Gurman, renowned for his accuracy in reporting on unreleased Apple products, lends credence to the anticipation. If even a fraction of his latest claims proves accurate, it’s big news for Apple users, as we may see native generative AI integrated into iOS 18 as soon as next year.

Apple’s Journey into Generative AI

Apple’s venture into generative AI has been a longstanding effort, as attested by Tim Cook. However, it appears that Apple’s executives were taken by surprise by the industry’s sudden AI frenzy and have been working diligently since late last year to catch up, as reported by Gurman.

According to insiders, there’s a notable level of concern internally regarding this situation, considered a significant oversight.

The Three Apple Teams Behind Apple GPT

Apple’s Apple GPT project involves three teams led by prominent Apple executives. John Giannandrea and Craig Federighi, senior vice presidents responsible for AI and software engineering, spearhead the efforts as “executive sponsors” of generative AI. Eddy Cue is also involved, focusing on integrating generative AI into Apple’s suite of apps and services.

  • Giannandrea’s Team: This team is responsible for developing the technology that powers Apple GPT. They are actively adapting Siri to incorporate generative AI features, expected to roll out next year.
  • Federighi’s Team: Federighi’s team is charged with implementing AI features into iOS 18. Siri and Messages are two apps mentioned as potential candidates for prompts similar to those used with ChatGPT. These apps will provide answers similar to those of generative AI bots and support autocomplete sentences.
  • Software Team: This team oversees the project of including generative AI into development tools like Xcode, aiding developers in writing code more efficiently.
  • Cue’s Team: Eddy Cue’s team is tasked with integrating Apple GPT into as many apps as possible. This includes adding generative AI capabilities to Apple Music, productivity apps like Pages and Keynote, and even internal customer service apps used by the AppleCare group.

Challenges and Considerations

Despite these developments, there are concerns about integrating Siri with Apple GPT capabilities, and it might take some time for Apple’s AI to expand to other products.

Apple is still deliberating on how to implement generative AI software on iPhones, with options ranging from a completely on-device experience to a cloud-based setup or a hybrid approach. Each option has its advantages and challenges, including speed, privacy, and adaptability.

Apple’s Investment in Apple GPT

Apple is not sparing expenses when it comes to Apple GPT, allocating a substantial budget of $1 billion per year to fuel its development and implementation. The path forward will undoubtedly be an exciting one, as we await the fruits of these endeavors.

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