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Apple Addresses iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns and iOS 17 Bug Fix

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Apple has taken note of reports concerning overheating problems with its recently released iPhone 15 models and is diligently working on a solution through an upcoming iOS 17 update. The company has identified a few issues contributing to the heat-related concerns, including a bug within the iOS 17 software, which is set to be resolved in the forthcoming update.

Following complaints of the new iPhones running excessively warm, Apple explained that this heightened warmth is typically experienced during the initial days after setting up or restoring the device. This occurs due to increased background activity as the device gets accustomed to its user’s preferences and usage patterns.

Additionally, another contributing factor is recent updates to third-party applications, causing them to overload the system. Apple is collaborating with app developers to address this issue, and fixes are currently in progress. Some of the third-party apps identified as culprits include Asphalt 9, Instagram (owned by Meta), and Uber. Notably, Instagram has already resolved the issue with an app update released on September 27.

It’s important to note that the forthcoming iOS 17 bug fix will rectify the overheating problem without compromising the performance of the iPhone. Apple further clarified that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models do not experience the same overheating concerns due to their design, which incorporates new titanium shells that enhance heat dissipation compared to previous stainless steel models.

Apple emphasized that the overheating issue does not pose any safety or long-term performance risks to the iPhone 15 series.

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