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Alexa’s Enhanced App – Simplifying Smart Home Management for You

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Amazon’s Alexa app has been revamped to offer easier management for your smart home devices. The updated app introduces various customization options and ensures that the controls for your smart home and frequently used Alexa features are conveniently accessible.

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Alexa has become an essential tool for people worldwide, simplifying everyday tasks, granting access to entertainment, and providing control over numerous home devices. As the number of Alexa-connected devices per user increases (many having more than 20 devices connected), the aim is to streamline device management.

Each month, users perform billions of actions through the Alexa app, with smart home controls ranking among the most utilized features. Hence, the recent makeover of the Alexa app primarily focuses on bringing smart home functionality to the forefront, allowing users to swiftly access their frequently used devices and features with just a couple of taps.

Favourites: The Home page now prominently displays Favourites, providing swift access to commonly used devices and features such as shopping lists, to-do lists, and recently played music. Favourites currently support various device types including Echos, lights, plugs, switches, locks, cameras, thermostats, and temperature sensors.

Home Shortcuts Bar: This newly introduced bar categorizes devices and showcases popular Alexa features like shopping lists, alarms, and Routines. It’s customizable, enabling users to personalize the carousel on the Home page. Additionally, users can now instantly view the status of connected devices, such as the number of active lights or the room temperature, directly from the Shortcuts section.

Streamlined Activity Section: Activity cards, presenting time-sensitive information like timers and reminders, are now compactly arranged on the Home page, ensuring easy accessibility without occupying excessive space.

Chat and Type with Alexa: The updated app consolidates the communication options with Alexa, providing a unified chat experience. Users can tap the chat indicator to engage in a comprehensive chat session, access full-screen visual responses, and receive conversation prompts.

Enhanced Search Controls: The Devices page offers refined search options, allowing users to filter devices by type, sort them based on various parameters, and search for specific devices using keywords.

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These enhancements enable users to effortlessly access preferred features, manage their devices efficiently, and navigate device settings seamlessly. The updates are now available on both iOS and Android versions of the Alexa app, inviting user feedback for further improvements.

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