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7 Exciting Leaked Features That Have GTA 6 Fans Buzzing

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The anticipation for GTA 6 is at an all-time high, and fans can’t wait to dive into the next adventure crafted by Rockstar Games. While the development process has been shrouded in secrecy, a series of leaks in September 2022 shed light on some of the exciting new features that might be part of the highly-anticipated title. While not all leaked features are guaranteed to make it into the final game, fans are brimming with optimism. In this article, we’ll explore seven intriguing leaked features that GTA 6 fans are eagerly looking forward to.

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Pick up and Drop Items:

Rockstar Games is reviving the pick-up and drop items feature for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. Leaked videos showcased characters seamlessly picking up and dropping weapons from the ground, complete with interactive icons. While it’s unclear if this feature will apply to all movable items or just weapons, fans are thrilled at the prospect of its inclusion in GTA 6.

Seamless Character Switching:

GTA 6 is likely to feature multiple protagonists, and the leaks revealed Rockstar Games testing a new character-switching mechanic. Leaked videos demonstrated a swift camera transition between characters, accompanied by a white flash animation and a “whoosh” sound effect, promising a seamless and dynamic gameplay experience.

Improved Police AI:

The police in GTA 6 are receiving a significant overhaul, as evident in the leaked videos. The law enforcement in the new Vice City Police Department is portrayed as smarter, more hostile, and braver. Police personnel employ various tactics to apprehend the protagonists, including different stances during shootouts. High-intensity police car chases will make it challenging for players to evade capture.

Video Memory Warning:

In preparation for one of its most ambitious projects, Rockstar Games has included a video memory warning in GTA 6 for low-end hardware users. The warning advises players to close other applications or reduce graphics settings due to low available memory. This feature offers hope to budget gamers, particularly PC users, who may need to fine-tune their settings for optimal performance.

Adjustable Mini-Map:

While every Grand Theft Auto game traditionally places the mini-map in the bottom left corner of the screen, leaked clips suggest that GTA 6 will introduce an adjustable mini-map feature. Some videos showcased the mini-map in the bottom right corner, indicating that players may have the option to customize its position according to their preferences. While not officially confirmed, this change is anticipated.

Changes in the Weapon Wheel:

The weapon wheel is receiving a makeover in GTA 6, offering a larger inventory of items. In contrast to GTA 5, where the weapon wheel is centered on the screen, leaked clips depicted the new weapon wheel appearing towards the center-right position. Additional options are available in the bottom left, including a duffle bag icon for storing more items, promising enhanced gameplay versatility.

Improved Ragdoll Physics:

Ragdoll physics in GTA 6 appear to be a significant improvement over Grand Theft Auto 5. Fans of the series have long appreciated the ragdoll mechanics of Grand Theft Auto 4, and the leaked clips suggest that Rockstar Games is recalibrating these physics for more realistic character interactions and effects, delivering an enhanced gaming experience.

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While the leaked features provide tantalizing insights into the potential advancements in GTA 6, it’s essential to remember that these details remain speculative until officially confirmed by Rockstar Games. As fans eagerly await the game’s release, these exciting features have set the stage for what could be another groundbreaking addition to the Grand Theft Auto series.

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