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Tamil NaduGoogle Adsense, Google Search Index Glitch Issues on 15, 16 July 2022...

Google Adsense, Google Search Index Glitch Issues on 15, 16 July 2022 Not Showing New Contents

Google Facing massive Issues on Adsense & Google Search Indexing Issues July 15, 16

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Your Adsense Realtime Report Not Showing on Dashboard on Today? Also have you facing issues Not Indexing Your New Articles or Fresh Contents in Your website on 15th, 16th July 2022? Here is the reason for Google Facing Indexing Issues and Adsense Realtime Earnings Down Details as following;

According to the sources Google has faced massive issues on Google Search Engine Index and Google Adsense Realtime Report as on 15th & 16th July 2022. Still Google says trying to fix the issues which was Down Google Adsense and Google Search not Indexing new Articles, Fresh Contents in these dates.

As of the report has says lot of websites are affected Not Indexing Realtime Contents even Google News. Also People’s are search about the issues on Google Adsense ads are showing on the websites but Realtime Earnings Report not showing on the Adsense Dashboard.

What Happened Google Search & Google Adsense July 15, 16

Google has confirmed that there is an indexing issue in search that has caused many websites to not have their new articles and pages publicly available for the past few hours.

Confirmed on Twitter, Google said that search had not indexed “a large number of sites” in the past few hours or indexed very slowly. Search Engine Roundtable reported the outage this morning, and the problem appears to have started around 7 a.m. ET today. What Happened Google Search Indexing Sites & Adsense Real Time Report Stopped?

This problem affects all websites on the web, as newly published pages do not show up in Google search at regular intervals. News organizations are particularly hard hit by the problem, as it prevents news stories from appearing in both search and Google News.

Some of the major sites we were able to see quickly, such as the New York Times, The Verge, and our network of sites (,,, etc.) did not show new pages/articles in the last hour. If you are a webmaster, you can check your sites by going to Google Search, typing “site:—.com” and filtering the results within the last hour, or by using the search console.

It appears to be related to a major outage at Google. Over the past few hours, we’ve noticed that the Google Weather area is experiencing outages on Android and Google Assistant, and Google AdSense reporting is still lagging this morning.

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