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Mangalyaan-2: ISRO’s Ambitious Mars Orbiter Mission Set to Unravel Mysteries Beyond Earth

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up for the much-anticipated Mars Orbiter mission 2, famously known as Mangalyaan-2. Currently progressing through various developmental stages encompassing ideation, payloads, and more, the mission aims to delve deeper into the enigmatic aspects of the red planet. Notably, ISRO’s endeavor finds a parallel in NASA’s extensive history of orbiter missions, providing valuable insights into what lies ahead for Mangalyaan-2.

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NASA, with its Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission still actively orbiting Mars, has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of the Martian surface. This mission, designed to identify and study the presence of water on Mars, has played a crucial role in dispelling mysteries surrounding the planet’s history and evaluating its potential habitability.

NASA’s emphasis on water as a key element in Mars’ past is a cornerstone of their ongoing efforts. As per NASA, “Water flowed across the surface in Mars’ history,” yet the true nature of this speculation remains elusive. The quest for signs of life on the planet continues, and the Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission remains a vital component of this exploration.

In tandem with NASA’s pursuits, ISRO is conducting its own orbital mission dedicated to comprehensively measuring and studying Mars’ mysterious atmosphere and environment. While the specific objectives may differ between the two space agencies, the overarching goal of understanding the red planet and uncovering clues about habitability unites them.

According to NASA, Mangalyaan-2 aims to study the Martian surface, minerals, subsurface water, atmospheric dust and water distribution, and daily global weather. In contrast, ISRO’s focus will extend to investigating the planet’s interplanetary dust, atmosphere, and overall environment, promising a diverse range of scientific discoveries.

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NASA’s Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission boasts an impressive 17-year track record, still circling Mars and supplying crucial data. In contrast, ISRO’s MOM-2 is poised for launch in the near future, with specific mission timelines yet to be disclosed by the Indian Space Agency. The anticipation surrounding Mangalyaan-2 underscores its significance as a pioneering venture, poised to contribute substantially to our collective understanding of the red planet.

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