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Thanksgiving 2023: Date, Traditions, and the Start of the Festive Season

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Thanksgiving Day in 2023 falls on Thursday, November 23. This annual celebration in North America is observed on the fourth Thursday of November each year. As families gather, it marks the beginning of a joyous holiday season.

Thanksgiving, traditionally held on the fourth Thursday of November, follows Halloween and is a time of great enthusiasm in North America. While originally rooted in commemorating the feast shared by Pilgrims and Native Americans upon the discovery of America, Thanksgiving’s focus has shifted in recent times. Now, it is primarily about families coming together to enjoy sumptuous feasts with traditional dishes, leaving the historical context somewhat behind.

The festivities of Thanksgiving predominantly revolve around the preparation of a grand meal featuring staples like slow-roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pies. Although initially seen as a commemoration of the historic Pilgrim-Native American feast, modern awareness acknowledges the darker history surrounding their interactions. As a result, Thanksgiving’s essence today centers more on family togetherness than on its historical origins.

Thanksgiving celebrations in 2023 promise quality family time, delicious meals, and the onset of the holiday season. Additionally, this holiday often marks the official beginning of the Christmas season, with people embarking on their holiday shopping sprees after Thanksgiving. Notably, the day following Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, when major brands entice shoppers with unbeatable deals to kick-start their holiday gift preparations.

It’s important to plan ahead because the Thanksgiving date varies from year to year. In 2022, Thanksgiving was on November 24, while in 2024, it will be a bit later, falling on November 28. With fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas next year, shoppers should be prepared to wrap up their holiday shopping sooner.

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