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Navigating Weight Loss: Common Pitfalls and Expert Advice

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In the quest for weight loss, people often encounter misconceptions that can hinder their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Poonam Duneja, a dietician at Aakash Hospital in Dwarka, Delhi, sheds light on prevalent mistakes and offers valuable insights for effective weight management.

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Contrary to the conventional belief that extensive running is the ultimate solution for weight control, Duneja emphasizes the equal importance of a balanced diet. While running and brisk walking are popular weight loss exercises, consistency is key. Duneja recommends engaging in these activities for 30 minutes daily to target belly fat effectively. However, she cautions against interrupting workouts with mobile breaks, as it compromises their effectiveness. Additionally, the consumption of energy drinks during exercise is discouraged due to their potential contribution to weight gain.

Duneja stresses the significance of comfort during exercise, emphasizing appropriate clothing and footwear choices. The misconception that skipping meals accelerates weight loss is debunked by experts, who warn against this practice. Post-physical activities, nutrition becomes crucial, and skipping meals can adversely impact metabolic rates, hindering weight loss progress.

In addition to exercise and diet, Duneja recommends holistic strategies for effective weight management. Increasing fibre intake, cultivating mindful eating habits, ensuring ample water consumption, and prioritizing adequate sleep are highlighted as crucial factors in the weight loss journey.

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Poonam Duneja challenges the notion that intense physical activity alone guarantees weight loss. Instead, she advocates for a comprehensive approach that integrates both exercise and a well-balanced diet. This perspective encourages individuals to adopt a multifaceted strategy encompassing nutrition, consistent exercise, and overall well-being for successful weight management.

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