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Hair Dye Innovation: Stylist Uses Ujala Fabric Enhancer for Stunning Results

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In a recent viral video circulating on the internet, hairstylist Rahul Kalshetty has showcased a unique experiment in hair dyeing, utilizing Ujala, a liquid fabric enhancer renowned for its ability to brighten white clothes. Kalshetty’s unconventional method has stirred quite the buzz, drawing reactions from various corners, including delivery apps Blinkit and Swiggy Instamart.

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The video, initially shared on Instagram by Kalshetty himself, exhibits the application of Ujala on a client’s bleached hair. Contrary to expectations, the results were surprisingly impressive, with the hair adopting a striking shade of white and blue. Accompanying the video is a simple caption: “Ujala – just experimenting.”

Since its upload a week ago, the video has garnered over 4 million views, eliciting a spectrum of responses from viewers. Blinkit humorously remarked on the surge in Ujala orders, while Swiggy Instamart cleverly quipped, “Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hoon mai.”

Social media users chimed in with their own playful suggestions and comments, ranging from jests about trying household products like Harpic to whimsical recommendations like Roohafza or Zubaan Kesari for future experiments.

Prior to testing the technique on a client, Kalshetty took the initiative to apply Ujala on his own hair, documenting the process in another video shared online.

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This unconventional approach to hair coloring showcases the ingenuity and creativity within the beauty industry, sparking discussions and inspiring others to explore innovative methods in hairstyling. Kalshetty’s daring experiment serves as a testament to the endless possibilities for artistic expression, even in the realm of haircare.

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