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Bobby Deol’s Fitness Odyssey: Unveiling the Secrets Behind His ‘Animal’ Physique

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Bobby Deol’s striking portrayal of a vicious antagonist in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal not only captivated audiences but also drew attention to his chiseled physique. As the actor celebrates his birthday today, let’s delve into the journey that transformed him into the talk of the town.

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Fitness Transformation Journey

Intensive 4-Month Training

Deol committed to almost four months of rigorous training to sculpt his body for Animal. In a recent interview, he shared that his dedicated fitness journey began six years ago when he took on the challenge of Race 3.

Prajwal Shetty’s Expert Guidance

Celebrity fitness trainer Prajwal Shetty played a crucial role in Deol’s transformation for Animal. Under Shetty’s guidance, the actor spent three hours daily in the gym, pushing his limits and consistently working towards his fitness goals.

Cardio and Weight Training

Deol’s workout routine included daily three-hour gym sessions, incorporating both weight training and cardio exercises. According to Shetty, an hour each day was dedicated specifically to weight training, contributing to the actor’s impressive physique.

Sculpting a Broader Stature

Director’s Vision

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga envisioned Deol’s character to have a broader physical presence than co-star Ranbir Kapoor. Following this vision, Deol’s body fat percentage dropped to 12%, showcasing the relentless efforts put in by both the actor and his trainer.


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Weight Range

Deol’s weight fluctuated between 85 to 90 kg during the transformation, emphasizing a balance between maintaining good body mass intake and achieving the desired physical appearance.

Dietary Discipline

Deol made a significant dietary sacrifice by eliminating carbs two months before shooting for Animal. He focused on a protein-rich diet, showcasing his commitment to the transformation journey despite being a self-proclaimed foodie.

Recognizing the importance of nutrition, Deol emphasized that maintaining a good physique is 70% dependent on diet and 30% on the workout. This highlights the significance of dietary discipline in his fitness regimen.

Sustaining Discipline in Meals

Daily Meal Routine

Throughout the four months of shooting Animal, Deol adhered to a disciplined meal plan. His breakfast included eggs, lunch featured a non-vegetarian dish with rice and oatmeal, and evening salads were complemented by healthy portions of two to three non-vegetarian offerings for dinner.

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Bobby Deol’s commitment to his fitness journey, coupled with the expert guidance of Prajwal Shetty, unveils the dedication behind his ‘Animalistic’ physique that has left everyone awe-inspired.

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