Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Tragic Shooting Incident in Delhi’s RK Puram Claims Lives of Two Women, Three Suspects Arrested

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A horrifying incident unfolded in the Ambedkar Basti area of RK Puram in Delhi as two women became victims of a shooting. Pinky (30) and Jyoti (29) were critically injured in the attack and unfortunately, later succumbed to their injuries. The local police were alerted by a distress call at around 4:00 am, prompting a swift response to the scene. The authorities have apprehended three suspects in connection with the crime, and the investigation is currently underway.

Initial reports suggest that the incident may be linked to a dispute over a financial settlement. It is believed that the assailants specifically targeted the victims’ brother, who is allegedly involved in a money-related matter. The family of the victims has accused a well-known individual, who is reputed to be involved in gambling and betting in the nearby KD Colony, of orchestrating the attack. However, the police have not taken any action against this person as of yet.

The Delhi Police have taken three suspects into custody for further questioning. The suspects, identified as Deva, Arjun, and Michael, are believed to have connections to the incident. Deva, in particular, is alleged to have summoned the assailants from KD Colony.

In an exclusive conversation with the media, Bhure, the father of the two women who were shot, made shocking claims about the incident. According to him, a group of approximately 35 assailants forcefully entered their home in the morning. The situation escalated when his daughter tried to protect her brother, resulting in the assailants shooting both of his daughters.

The injured women were immediately rushed to SJ Hospital for medical treatment. Despite the best efforts of the medical staff, they tragically succumbed to their injuries.

The Delhi Police are diligently investigating the case to uncover the full details surrounding this tragic incident.

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