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TMC’s Silence Amidst Nishikant Dubey vs. Mahua Moitra Row: A ‘Wait and Watch’ Approach

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The ongoing row between BJP MP Nishikant Dubey and TMC MP Mahua Moitra, revolving around allegations of “cash for query,” has garnered attention. As this controversy unfolds, it’s noteworthy that the Trinamool Congress (TMC), led by Mamata Banerjee, has chosen to maintain a deliberate silence, while the BJP seeks to amplify Dubey’s accusations.

Dubey’s Allegations and Moitra’s Response:

Nishikant Dubey penned a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, claiming that Mahua Moitra accepted bribes for raising questions in Parliament with the aim of safeguarding the interests of a business group. He urged the Speaker to establish a committee to investigate these allegations and called for Moitra’s suspension from the House pending the panel’s report.

In response, Moitra dismissed Dubey’s charges, insisting that the Speaker should initiate a probe into the “multiple breach of privileges” filed against Dubey and other BJP leaders before taking any action against her. Earlier this year, she had sought the termination of Dubey’s Lok Sabha membership, alleging that his MBA and PhD degrees were “fake.”

BJP’s Call for Probe:

The West Bengal BJP has demanded an immediate investigation into Moitra’s actions, particularly as she represents the state’s Krishnanagar constituency. Senior BJP leader and Leader of Opposition in the Bengal Assembly, Suvendu Adhikari, emphasized the seriousness of the allegations and called for swift action, given that the Parliament’s session is drawing to a close.

TMC’s Cautious Approach:

In contrast, the TMC leadership has opted for a “wait and watch” stance regarding this matter. A senior TMC leader has stated that they are closely monitoring the situation, as Moitra herself is taking necessary steps to address Dubey’s allegations.

CPI(M)’s Perspective:

Interestingly, the CPI(M), another political rival of the TMC, has adopted a more sympathetic stance towards Moitra. CPI(M) leader Sujan Chakraborty acknowledged the need for an investigation into the “cash for query” allegation but also raised the possibility that Moitra may be targeted due to her strong opposition to the BJP.

Historical Controversies:

This isn’t the first time Mahua Moitra has found herself at the center of controversies. In the past, she faced criticism for her statements about Goddess Kali, leading to demands for her arrest. However, Moitra remains steadfast in dismissing such charges as baseless and maintains her resilience against the BJP’s attacks.

TMC’s Response to Controversies:

The TMC has previously distanced itself from Moitra’s views on Goddess Kali, emphasizing that her statements were made in her personal capacity and not endorsed by the party. This stance led to Moitra “unfollowing” the official TMC Twitter handle.

In December 2021, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed factionalism within the TMC ranks in Nadia district and expressed that the party would decide election candidates. Moitra, who had been removed as the party’s Nadia district president, was present on the stage during this speech.

Nishikant Dubey vs. Mahua Moitra row has prompted varying responses from different political quarters. As the situation evolves, the TMC’s measured approach suggests a willingness to see how events unfold, while Moitra continues to assert her position in the face of allegations.

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