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Strengthening India-US Ties: Eric Garcetti Highlights Four Pillars of the Multiplicative Relationship

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In a recent address, US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, underscored the profound nature of the relationship between India and the United States, emphasizing that it goes beyond mere convenience and calculation.

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Garcetti described the ties as “multiplicative,” emphasizing that when India and the US collaborate, it results in a synergistic effect, reflecting India multiplied by the US.

Garcetti outlined the foundation of the bilateral ties, encapsulating it in what he referred to as the four Ps: peace, prosperity, planet, and people. He highlighted the collaborative efforts in various global forums such as the G20, as well as joint initiatives in the health sector and endeavors to contribute to global peace.

Assuming the role of US Ambassador, Garcetti shared that President Joe Biden explicitly conveyed to him the significance of India in his vision. He stated, “There is a great awakening happening between the United States and India,” emphasizing the depth of the relationship and its pivotal role in global affairs.

The Ambassador expressed his belief in the shared values of the two nations, characterizing their collaboration as a partnership rooted in a deep and lasting friendship. Garcetti pointed out that the relationship extends beyond mere diplomatic ties and is best exemplified by the enduring connection between the University of Southern California (USC) and India.

Notably, Garcetti stressed the unique position of the US and India as the world’s two largest democracies, capable of demonstrating moral leadership in a world marked by both democracies and dictatorships. He sees an opportunity for the two nations to showcase what it means to be moral leaders, especially in times that demand such guidance.

Looking back at recent developments, Garcetti declared, “This was the best year in US-India history,” describing it not as a peak but as a new foundation. He acknowledged India’s strides in various sectors, including health, technology, and finance, illustrating the nation’s emergence as a global leader.

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Eric Garcetti’s insights shed light on the robust and dynamic relationship between the US and India, built on the foundational principles of peace, prosperity, planet, and people. As the two nations navigate shared challenges and opportunities, they stand poised to set an example for the world as moral leaders in the 21st century.

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