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Shiv Sena Leader’s Murder Unveils Shocking Pre-Planned Motive

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The Mumbai Police is unfolding a disturbing narrative surrounding the murder of Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Abhishek Ghosalkar, pointing towards a meticulously planned act by the accused, Mauris Noronha.

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Reports suggest that Noronha, the alleged perpetrator, harbored resentment against Ghosalkar, tracing back to rape charges filed against Noronha in 2022, for which he spent nearly five months in jail.

In a significant development, Noronha’s bodyguard, Amarendra Mishra, has been arrested under the Arms Act. Mishra’s pistol was reportedly used in Ghosalkar’s murder, leading to charges under Section 29(B) of the Arms Act. This section pertains to the offense of providing a weapon to someone without verifying their legal permission to possess it. Another individual involved in the firing incident has also been detained and is currently under investigation.

As part of the ongoing police probe, statements from Noronha’s family members, including his wife, have been recorded. It has been revealed that Noronha held a deep-seated grudge against the deceased Shiv Sena leader. The wife of Noronha’s bodyguard disclosed that Noronha, while hiring her husband, insisted on leaving his gun at the office after duty hours. Noronha had expressed his intent to “not spare” Ghosalkar on multiple occasions, according to an official source.

The shocking incident unfolded during a Facebook live session on Thursday evening when the 41-year-old Shiv Sena leader was shot dead in Mumbai’s Borivali by Noronha, his old political rival, who subsequently died by suicide. The police have registered two FIRs in the case, one for murder and the other for suicide. The crime branch has initiated a thorough investigation with the formation of two teams.

Mauris Noronha, widely known as “Mauris Bhai,” had gained recognition as a poker player and earned a positive reputation for assisting marginalized communities during the pandemic. However, his past was marred by serious allegations, including rape, blackmail, cheating, and threats against a 48-year-old woman.

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Although the accusations date back to 2014, the complaint was formally filed in 2022, leading to Noronha’s apprehension in the case. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the tragic sequence of events surrounding the Shiv Sena leader’s murder.

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