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Prime Minister Modi Exposes Congress: A Hindrance to India’s Development

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In a recent address in Rajasthan’s Baran district, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the detrimental impact of Congress’s support on the state. Modi asserted that the Congress party, once a prominent political entity, has now become synonymous with corruption, nepotism, and appeasement, impeding India’s path to development.

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During the public meeting, Modi expressed concern about the state of affairs in Rajasthan, attributing the suffering of its people to the unruly behavior of Congress leaders. He accused the ruling party of relinquishing the welfare of the citizens to elements such as robbers, rioters, and criminals.

Modi emphasized the need to eliminate the three major obstacles hindering India’s progress – corruption, nepotism, and appeasement. According to him, the Congress party epitomizes these evils, making it challenging to fulfill the nation’s resolution to achieve development.

“Whether it’s Congress MLAs or ministers, everyone is unruly, and the public is suffering. The Congress has handed over the people of Rajasthan to robbers, rioters, tyrants, and criminals,” Modi declared during the gathering.

In a sharp criticism of the Congress, Modi highlighted the precarious law and order situation in Rajasthan, accusing the party of aligning itself with those responsible for atrocities against women. He stressed that the BJP prioritizes women’s welfare and safety, contrasting it with the Congress’s alleged negligence in this regard.

Modi also pointed out that even children in Rajasthan are expressing discontent with the Congress, stating, “Today, even children in Rajasthan are saying, ‘Gehlot ji, you won’t get votes.'” Moreover, he claimed that the morale of anti-social forces in the state is soaring due to the backing they receive from the Congress.

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The prime minister’s address underscores the urgent need for a political shift in Rajasthan to address the alleged mismanagement by the Congress party. As the state gears up for elections, Modi’s words serve as a call to action for voters to consider the impact of their choices on the future development and well-being of Rajasthan.

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